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Tours to India, India Tours, India Tour
 Tours to India, India Tours, India Tour
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Tours to India, India Tours, India Tour
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Airfares within India

India, a vast sub-continent (almost the size of the entire Western Europe) is very well connected by domestic flights. The major airlines operating in India are the state owned Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Air Sahara. 
Each of these airlines operate fairly modern Boeing, Airbus and Turbo-prop aircraft and criscross the length and breadth of India, connecting Leh in the north to Trivandrum in the south, Mumbai in the west to Imphal in the east. 
The airfares mentioned below are normal one way economy class fare levels.
Besides these, there are various discount offers viz. Discover India Airfares as well as Youth Discounts, that can be availed by foreign tourists travelling in India.

From To Airfares
Agatti Cochin USD 160
Agatti Goa USD 165
Agra Delhi USD 65
Agra Goa USD 240
Agra Khajuraho USD 90
Agra Varanasi USD 115
Ahemdabad Amritsar USD 205
Ahemdabad Bangalore USD 230
Ahemdabad Chandigarh USD 205
Ahemdabad Chennai USD 255
Ahemdabad Delhi USD 145
Ahemdabad Goa USD 170
Ahemdabad Hyderabad USD 175
Ahemdabad Jaipur USD 115
Ahemdabad Kolkata USD 240
Ahemdabad Mumbai USD 85
Ahemdabad Pune USD 100
Ahemdabad Vadodra USD 45
Amritsar Chandigarh USD 75
Amritsar Delhi USD 110
Amritsar Lucknow USD 165
Amritsar Mumbai USD 255
Amritsar Srinagar USD 85
Aurangabad Delhi USD 185
Aurangabad Jaipur USD 150
Aurangabad Mumbai USD 85
Aurangabad Udaipur USD 130
Bagdogra Delhi USD 195
Bagdogra Kolkata USD 90
Bagdogra Patna USD 90
Bangalore Chennai USD 75
Bangalore Cochin USD 90
Bangalore Coimbatore USD 75
Bangalore Delhi USD 265
Bangalore Goa USD 115
Bangalore Hyderabad USD 115
Bangalore Kolkata USD 275
Bangalore Kozhikode USD 85
Mumbai Bangalore USD 150
Bangalore Trivandrum USD 130
Bhubaneshwar Chennai USD 210
Bhubaneshwar Delhi USD 225
Bhubaneshwar Hyderabad USD 170
Bhubaneshwar Kolkata USD 95
Bhubaneshwar Mumbai USD 260
Bhubaneshwar Varanasi USD 135
Chandigarh Delhi USD 85
Chandigarh Goa USD 300
Chandigarh Leh USD 80
Chandigarh Mumbai USD 255
Chennai Cochin USD 130
Chennai Coimbatore USD 100
Chennai Delhi USD 270
Chennai Goa USD 150
Chennai Hyderabad USD 115
Chennai Kolkata USD 230
Chennai Kozhikode USD 100
Chennai Madurai USD 100
Chennai Mumbai USD 170
Chennai Portblair USD 205
Chennai Pune USD 185
Chennai Puttaparthy USD 85
Chennai Trivandrum USD 115
Chennai Tiruchirapalli USD 90
Chennai Tirupati USD 50
Cochin Coimbatore USD 55
Cochin Delhi USD 340
Cochin Hyderabad USD 140
Cochin Goa USD 135
Cochin Kozhikode USD 60
Cochin Mumbai USD 160
Cochin Trivandrum USD 75
Cochin Tiruchirapalli USD 95
Coimbatore Delhi USD 295
Coimbatore Kozhikode USD 50
Coimbatore Madurai USD 65
Coimbatore Mumbai USD 160
Coimbatore Tiruchirapalli USD 90

City wise Airfares: D – T

From To Airfares
Delhi Goa USD 245
Delhi Gwalior USD 80
Delhi Hyderabad USD 215
Delhi Jabalpur USD 205
Delhi Jaipur USD 65
Delhi Jaisalmer USD 165
Delhi Jammu USD 115
Delhi Jodhpur USD 115
Delhi Khajuraho USD 110
Delhi Kolkata USD 210
Delhi Kozhikode USD 325
Delhi Leh USD 115
Delhi Lucknow USD 100
Delhi Mumbai USD 185
Delhi Patna USD 155
Delhi Pune USD 215
Delhi Srinagar USD 125
Delhi Trivandrum USD 340
Delhi Udaipur USD 115
Delhi Vadodra USD 160
Delhi Varanasi USD 135
Goa Chandigarh USD 300
Goa Kolkata USD 315
Goa Kozhikode USD 115
Goa Mumbai USD 95
Goa Pune USD 90
Goa Tiruchirapalli USD 145
Gwalior Jabalpur USD 140
Gwalior Mumbai USD 170
Hyderabad Kolkata USD 220
Hyderabad Mumbai USD 130
Hyderabad Tirupati USD 95
Hyderabad Tiruchirapalli USD 160
Hyderabad Trivandrum USD 205
Jaipur Jaisalmer USD 135
Jaipur Jodhpur USD 90
Jaipur Kolkata USD 230
Jaipur Mumbai USD 165
Jaipur Udaipur USD 90
Jaisalmer Jodhpur USD 80
Jaisalmer Mumbai USD 205
Jaisalmer Udaipur USD 110
Jammu Leh USD 75
Jammu Mumbai USD 255
Jammu Srinagar USD 60
Jodhpur Mumbai USD 160
Jodhpur Udaipur USD 75
Khajuraho Mumbai USD 175
Khajuraho Varanasi USD 90
Kolkata Lucknow USD 165
Kolkata Mumbai USD 240
Kolkata Patna USD 110
Kolkata Portblair USD 205
Kolkata Pune USD 285
Kolkata Varanasi USD 135
Kozhikode Mumbai USD 150
Kozhikode Pune USD 155
Kozhikode Tiruchirapalli USD 95
Leh Srinagar USD 65
Lucknow Mumbai USD 260
Lucknow Patna USD 110
Lucknow Varanasi USD 80
Madurai Mumbai USD 200
Mumbai Patna USD 225
Mumbai Pune USD 55
Mumbai Puttaparthy USD 150
Mumbai Srinagar USD 260
Mumbai Trivandrum USD 205
Mumbai Udaipur USD 135
Mumbai Vadodara USD 80
Mumbai Varanasi USD 245
Mumbai Trivandrum USD 75
Trivandrum Tiruchirapalli USD 95

Youth Fare ( 25% Off )
Anyone in the age group between 12 and 30 can avail a 25% discount on Economy class US Dollar Fares on domestic and Indo-Nepal Sector.

Common Interest Group ( 10% Off )
Groups travelling together for a common purpose/interest are offered 10% off on specified international and connecting domestic services.

Saarc Group Excursion Fare ( 30% Off )
Offered on international travel within SAARC countries (Bangladesh, India, Maladives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) if touching a minimum of three countries.

Ship's Crew Discount
25% discount on normal economic class USD sector fare for ship crew who has an active sea going duty and works on board a ship.


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