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Ayurveda in Kerala

Ayurveda in KeralaAyurveda is an inevitable division of medicine, an absolute naturalistic arrangement that depends on the analysis of the body as a whole, for achieving the right balance. Kerala’s suitable climate, innate abundance of forests with incredible herbs, healing plants, and the monsoon season are top suited for the creation of Ayurveda. It is believed that the monsoon season is the best for Ayurveda production, as the weather remains fresh and dust-free. 

The Ayurveda treatment of Kerala offers beauty care, body slimming, hair care, skin care to its visitors. Some most famous Ayurveda of Kerala includes Abhyangam, Shiro Dhara, or Kati Vasti; Abhyangam is a whole body massages of herbal oils helps in relieving stress, curing obesity, diabetes, and skin diseases. This therapy will also help in removing the after delivery spot. Shiro Dhara treatment is for those who are suffering from deafness, migraine, facial paralysis and insanity. Actually this treatment is useful for all kinds of minor diseases. Body sudation (Sweda Karma) is a medicated steam baths helps in removing the impurities of the body, by improving the tone and complexion of the body. This therapy is also given for reducing body weight, and rheumatic diseases.

Ayurveda in KeralaA number of Ayurveda hospitals are emerging in Kerala for the fast curing of diseases.  The first AyurVAID hospital is situated in the heart of Cochin. The second AyurVAID hospital was came in service on the 9th April 2007.  Panchakarma and other sophisticated Ayurvedic measures are accessible at both the hospitals. A team of well skilled physician and caregivers are there to serve with great generosity.

There are several Ayurveda program for every individual depending on the necessity of the body. Female trainers are dealing with the women patents. Short duration program is available for the diseases like back pain, muscular pain. Several baths are offered to them as herbal steam bath and spinal bath. Therapeutic measures will only provide by the prescription of the physician.

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