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Central India Tours

India the land of mixed culture, rich heritage, colourful festivals, magnificent landscapes, delicious cuisine and warm people. If you want to know the true ways of living of the people of India, you are to take a tour to all the regions of the country. As region has something intrinsic to offer. We guarantee you that while on a tour to every part of the country, you will not find similarity between two regions, yet all are bonded by the common Indian Patriotism.

Our Central India Tour takes you to the region where lies the heart of the country. This region is geographically a contrast with river valleys, dense forests and rolling plains. As you visit this region you can also witness human activities since prehistoric times. A trip to the Central India is not a mammoth task as all the major destinations are well served by air.

Give a treat to the eyes, senses and the stomach. With us take a Central India Tour. We let you marvel at the splendour of the ancient monuments in Maharashtra, get excited by the view of the wild leopards and tigers in the forests of Kanha, feel the freshness of the cool breeze in the beaches of Orissa, unveil the cultural treasures and traditional customs as you tour Madhya Pradesh, lets your adrenals rush as you trek in the Indravati and Kangerghati in Chhattisgarh and seek salvation and purify your soul at the temples and shrines of Central India. Experience a vacation completely different and unique with our Central India Tours.

So its time you plan for an ultimate vacation with our Central India Tour. Pack your bags and visit the tranquil Panchgani, sculptural grandeur in Khajuraho, cultural colors of Bastar, rock paintings etched on interior walls of Bhimbetka caves, historic Sanchi Stupa, glamour of the glitzy Mumbai, heritage monuments of Orchha, Jama Masjid and Taj-ul-Masjid in Bhopal, explore the majestic fort of Mandu, wildlife expeditions in Bandhavgarh greens, Kanha National Park, Kangerghati, Indravati National Park, Sita Nadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary, and many more. Venture into something completely different. Book your Central India tour with us.

Let us take you to a world filled with, fun, adventure, religion, cuisine and mysticism!

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