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Climate and Monsoon of India

India a country with all that needs to make your holiday a perfect voyage. If you are traveling to this magnificent country for the first time, you need to have a proper idea about the destinations in different regions of the country. Every region of the country is with diverse topography. Therefore, Climate of India varies from region to region. You will be amazed to see that Climate of India witnesses almost all the types that exist. So it is quite difficult to generalize the climate of India. The Indian climate comprises of a wide range of weather condition across varied topology and large geographical area. You will be astounded to know that during the months of November to March, generally the weather remains cool. It is the best time for the tourist to go for a tour to Ind

A tour to this fascinating country will let you know about the vastness of the area. No matter what theme of vacation you are planning, you are sure to find your perfect destination here in this country. You can take a tour to the Northern part of the country during the summers. The climate of this region is quite pleasant with the mighty Himalayas. You may travel to places like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, North Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, and Darjeeling, hill stations of Kodai Kanal, Ootacamund and Croog. The climate of India is best at this placer during the winters. Indian Climate

A tour to India will let you experience three major seasons, namely summer, autumn, monsoon and winter. The climate of India is distinguished in the following months. The Winter months are from November-March when the weather is bright and pleasant. You will also find snowfall in the northern hills. Summer starts from April to June. During this it is hot in most parts of India. But the best part is you will find numerous hill resorts that provide cool retreat. During the monsoon, rainfall is heavy along the west coast between June and September, and along the east coast between mid-October and December. So is you are planning your next vacation to India anytime soon, do refer to our guidance on the Climate of India.

Below are given the different distributions on the Climate of India. Northern Plains: If you are planning to take a trip to the northern plains of India, you will experience an extreme type of climate. Here the summers are hot and humid and winters are freezing cold. You may also come across copious rainfall during the months of July to September. However, you will find a pleasant time touring some of the regions during winters.

Western Himalayas: Here, in these regions you will find the climate of India to be very pleasant for touring during the summer season. You can escape the scorching heat of the plains and travel to these regions of India, where you can enjoy a joyful snowfall. However, the places become inaccessible during the winters.

Central India: This is the major tourist region in the country. If you are planning to travel to this part of India you will surly experience very hot summer season. But during monsoon you will witness heavy rainfall between the months of July and September. Moreover, the temperature falls at the night time during the winter season.

Western India: Traveling to this region of the country will take you to an extremely hot temperature in summers. The monsoon comes to the place between the months of June and September. The best thing for you to do while taking a trip to this region is to carry lightweight cottons and linen. The best time to visit this part of the country is during the winters.

So refer to our guide on Climate of India and make your vacation plans. We cater to make your vacation ever more enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable. Know all about the different climates in the different parts of the country. With our Climate of India guide know which place to visit and when!

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