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Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram Festival - KeralaPooram is the most celebrated festival in Vadakkumnathan temple of the month of Medom (April) at Thrissur. It is called as the mother of all festivals and dedicated to Lord Shiva attracts thousands of devotees from all over world. Pooram festival is a majestic occasion with fireworks, umbrella showing contest and a marvelous elephant procession. All the best elephants are gathered in Thrissur to take part in Pooram festival. The Pooram festivals crosses the barriers of caste, class and creed and hence a symbol of national integrity. The Pooram programme broaden about 36 hours starts with the ezhunellippu of the Kanimangalam Shasta in the morning and is followed by the ezhunnellippu of the other six trivial holy places on the Pooram Day.

Historical Background
Thrissur Pooram is different from other temple festival due to its secular nature. Before the advent of Thrissur Pooram, the Lar festival, a one-day occasion which was celebrated in summer at Arattupuzha. There were so many secular barriers prevailing in the society. As a result of which the devotees were denied to enter within the temple premise by the chief of the Peruvanam. Thus Sakthan Thampuran the ruler of Cochin ushers all the temples to bring at Thrissur. Thus it is called the temples city of Kerala. Further Sakthan Thampuran directed the main temples of Thrissur, Thiruvambadi, to expand all assistance and support to the temples. It is under this circumstances that enables to Pooram Program and the ruler hostility to the Brahmin nobility and to open the Thrissur Pooram for common people.

Thrissur Pooram Festival - Kerala Religious Background
Ten deities from other temples of Thrissur pay genuflection to the presiding deity and only spectator of the Pooram events, lord Shiva of Vadakkumnathan temples situated at the city’s center. The excellent feature of the festivals is its secular nature, Hindu, Muslims; Christian community can actively participate and conduct the festival. In fact most of the pandals are built by the craftwork of Muslim Community. The churches and their members offer the parasols for the ‘Kudamattom’. The main venue of the festival is the sprawling Thekkinkadi maidan where the major participants of Paramekkavu and Tiruvambadi close to the Vadakkumnathan temple gather. The religious background responsible in celebrating the Thrissur Pooram is the time when secular fabric of the Indian Society starts slowly disintegrating. The celebration of the festival Thrissur Pooram is becoming worthy of emulation to other festivals in the country.

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