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Applique Gujarat

Applique the other form of handicrafts has gained its name from the French word appliquer whose actual meaning is to “pretend or put on”. The modus operandi of Applique evolves from a primordial needlecraft put into practice that uses pieces of fabric, embroidery or other numerous items that are sutured on a fabric-base to produce splendid designs. Earlier, the art of making applique was quite easy to understand and apply. One was supposed to cut a figure out of one cloth and stitch that shape on the other fabric. It is truly a powerful way to bedeck fabric, without bothering of the fact that whether it is completed by hand or by machine. Further, note that Applique not only requires just one fabric rather it can also be made plausible with a variety of additional materials such as sequins, beads, and so forth.

Applique is just the perfect art to be performed on both small and large scale work. For amazing completely ornamental, like a wall hanging, there is an extensive range of fabrics from which one may have his pick and choose. Two steps are required which are the key steps in performing the art of Applique. The first one is consisted of the blueprint and transporting it to the fabric; the second one is the applique work itself.

After that there are two techniques for the blueprints of an appliqué in which the first mode is to work openly with materials, arranging, cutting shapes, and then reorganizing the figures, stitching them to a bottom whichever by hand or by machine without any preparation. Whereas the second technique is different from the first one as it includes firstly the planning of a design on piece of paper and then using cut paper, shapes can be mapped out. One can either make use of volumes for getting ideas of variety of designs or possibly will sketch simple forms for instance leaves, fish, butterflies, and so forth. Mola or San Blas is a reverse applique procedure in which layers of cloth are stitched collectively and after that the layers are supposed to be cut away so that the junior layers shape the design.

Last but not the least, the Applique is also chiefly used expansively in quilting. “Sunbonnet Sue” and "Dresden Plate" are two such examples of established American quilt blocks that are prepared with both patchwork and appliqué. A number of quilts such as Hawaiian quilts, Broderie perse, Amish, Baltimore album quilts, and the ralli quilts of Pakistan and India also make maximum use of applique.

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