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Ari Embroidery Gujarat

The cultural lavishness of Gujarat cannot be defied in any ways. It does not only reflect in its language, traditional clothing or in their food habits but also in its spectacular art and handicrafts. Our statement can be justified by quoting an example of Ari Embroidery in Gujarat which is not only eulogized by the localities for its intricacy but also by the tourist guests who come from far or near plus also by those who have artistic bent of mind. Moreover, Ari Embroidery in Gujarat is also momentous both in Gujarat, India and outside India. It is a top most form of Handicrafts in Gujarat and its delicacy is extremely charismatic.

Ari Embroidery of Gujarat is uniformly celebrated for its weighty work prepared with the help of a bradawl; this technique symbolizes a cobbler’s stitch up. It is marvelously carried out in Gajji or silk which is a close by prepared silky satin fabric labeled as Atlash also.

The majestic ladies of Kutch who were spellbound by the striking Persian designs of flora and peacocks were foremost clientele of Ari embroidery. Nonetheless, the outfits which are ornamented with Ari embroidery are usually sprinkled with bootis (motifs) which are round off with some gigantic sized ones illustrious by the name of Nadir Shahi booti.

So, we hope that the aforementioned description of Ari Embroidery in Gujarat must have created yearn in you to buy some thing of this sort as its products are very stunning and extremely attention-grabbing.

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