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Bhavnath Fair Gujarat

Introduction to Bhavnath Fair
Bhavnath Mahadev Temple is fantastically positioned in the Junagarh region of Gujarat where the Bhavnath Fair is celebrated with full vim and vigor on the propitious occasion of Shivaratri. The fair or the 'Mela' is just the right place where one can befriend with the Hindu rituals and beliefs which are effortlessly detectable. Moreover, Bhavanth fair is the point when one can loose himself to get acquainted with 5000 years time-honored Hindu traditions and all the supporters of Hindu deities such as aficionados, pilgrims, all horde to make this eve more happening and memorable.

Description of Bhavnath Fair
The elucidation of Bhavnath Fair states that it beautifully takes place on the significant festivity of Maha Shivratri where Shiva Linga is worshipped and the vicinity of the shrine is incredibly swarmed with countless pilgrims which come here from different parts of country to be the part of this gala evening where 'naga bavas' or naga sages move towards the temple on elephant's back to view the Maha puja. It is assumed that Shiva himself had visited the shrine during the fiesta and this place is the abode of eminent nine 'naths' of Hindu folklore. The sound of conch shell and drums generate a religious ambiance. Further, all the accumulated followers are served free meals and the grandeur of the entire event is elaborated by the studded stalls which put on display local handicrafts and other exotic items which are terrific.

Time For Celebration of Bhavnath Fair
The best time to express your joy in the Bhavnath fair is during the Maha Shivratri which is a three days festival comes in February and enthralls every person from head to toe.

So, if you are a diehard believer of Lord Shiva then just come to the bustling Gujarat in the month of February and enjoy yourself to the fullest with great zeal and enthusiasm at the time of celebrating Bhavnath Fair in Gujarat.

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