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Home » Gujarat » Bhavnath Shiv Temple Girnar Gujarat

Bhavnath Shiv Temple Girnar Gujarat

Introduction to Bhavnath Shiv Temple, Girnar
A very prominent temple built on the terra firma of Girnar is the Bhavnath Shiv Temple and is comfortably snuggled at the foothills of this town. It is essentially an ancient shrine whose oldness is also whispered to have potted its authentic era of derivation concealed. The sight of this valued Bhavnath Shiv Temple in Girnar seems electrifying at the propitious juncture of Mahashivaratri.

Description of Bhavnath Shiv Temple, Girnar
The Bhavnath Shiv Temple is remarkably cuddled up at the base of Girnar and is the major hotspot of all those who are the ardent lovers of Lord Shiva, whose idol is wonderfully placed in its premises and thus draw the attention of each member of the public towards itself. You will observe that the vicinity of this honored place of worship is swarmed with copious pilgrims in great number who especially pay their visit to proffer pious prayers to Lord Shiva and solicit his kind benedictions. During the festive eve of Mahashivaratri which takes place in the February month for five days make the temple more noteworthy among the devotees. In the shrine an imposing arrangement for worshipping is done at midnight that frequently takes place on the 14th day of the half of the Magh month and the vista is worth beholding. Besides, you will be flummoxed to see the quite a lot of sagacious sitting bare on elephants and holding ensigns in hands with wafting conch shells shift on the way to the situate of fair.

Nonetheless, at Bhavnath Shiv Temple the flocked followers of Lord Shiva are also doled out with free meals by the members of temple’s managing committee. They arrange appealing stalls from you you can purchase rosaries, utensils of brass and copper, idols, sweets and fruits which are especially brought from Mathura and Ayodhya by purveyors.

So, if you are one of those who adulate Lord Shiva then the Bhavnath Shiv Temple is the perfect rapture to be at and thus feel consecrated.

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