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Biswakarma Puja Gujarat

Yet another Puja which brings each and every person on one platform is the Biswakarma Puja Gujarat which only takes place in the honor of Lord Biswakarma or Vishkarma, who is considered as the draftsman of Dwarka, the conurbation that was only constructed for Lord Krishna. Lord Biswakarma is adulated in and every part of India especially by those who are into business where tools and factory machinery are the chief tools to execute things. As far as Gujarat is concerned, around 20% of the populace is engaged in industrial work which is why, they celebrate the fiesta of Biswakarma Puja with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Biswakarma Puja in Gujarat includes a very celebration where artisans are seem cleaning their devices and touch up old machines; superstore and industrial unit floors are adorned for the occasion; amplifiers ring out out music and the clay idol of Biswakarma riding his motor vehicle, elephant can be noticed being admired and worshipped al over the place. Lord Biswakarma is fundamentally treated as the architect god of entire universe, considered as the ultimate worker and the embodiment of the ingenious supremacy that brings ecstasy and earth on one big pedestal. The statue of Lord is represented with four hands, holding a book, a water-pot, a lasso and craftsman's thingamabob. Moreover, the entire celestial bludgeons such as chariots that are customarily owned by the deities are his designs.

Nonetheless, the Biswakarma Puja is also acknowledged in several locations of India as a time for flying kites where families of families come together to tek rejoice from kite flying competitions which is organized by local clubs on the rooftops.

So, if you belong to business unit and are the stanch believer of Lord Biswakarma then do come on the terrains of Gujarat then celebrate this gala festival of Biswakarma Puja to the fullest with your near and dear ones.

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