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Block Printing Gujarat

About Block Printing
An exploration to Gujarat perpetually calls for an unappeasable curiosity for the bravura handicrafts of the state. It is the matter of immense proud for Gujarat that its handicrafts bear the live testimony of its legends and inheritance which is why, the embroidery, a momentous style of Block Printing acts as the forebear of its genus.

As far as the establishment of Block Printing is concerned, it dates back to the 12th century and was ubiquitous on the southern and the western part of the country. On the other hand, having its lineage in the 17th century, and meticulously potted by the Pathiapur folks, the Block Printing in Gujarat expanded wide-ranging marketplace in the entire parts of world due to its interminable magnetism and demand.

The modus operandi of Block Printing includes veiling those parts of the fabric that are not meant to be dyed with terracotta and raisin. The remaining fabric is packed with pulsating colors which previously utilized to prepare typically out of extorts of flora and fauna parts but as times gone by, chemical pigments have put them back.. Further, following the highlighting of the whole fabric, the yard goods are rinsed which generates excellent cracks in the mire tarnished areas. The dye then leaks into these areas in this manner providing the fabric a cracking result. Soon after wooden blocks made of teak with persuasive motifs produce patterns on the clothes which are frequently known as Sodagiri prints.

Nevertheless, Ajrak is also yet another variety of Block Printing, mostly available in Dhamadka and Anjar quarters in Kutch, smartened with figurines of birds, women in dancing postures and animals. It is also an indispensable part of bed covers and spreads, cushion covers revealing horizontal and perpendicular borders in the region of the key designs in the entire body of the textile.

In the end, Block Printing is really an eye catching form of handicrafts whose comeliness challenges the members of public to bowl them over.

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