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Chitra Vichitra Fair Gujarat

Chitra Vichitra fair in Gujarat is an awesome fair that takes place in the month of March among the natives of village of Gunbhakari in Sabarkanta quarter of Gujarat. The name of the fair is kept after the sons of sovereign Shantanu, Chitravirya and Vichitravirya and undeniably holds a special place in the glittery state of Gujarat. The intoxication of this Chitra Vichitra fair is dreadfully high because of the fact that takes place just after the festival of breathtaking colors Holi in which countless localities and day trippers from far or near come and participate and feel over the moon and are left completely wrapped up.

Chitra Vichitra Fair in Gujarat holds a very special place especially in the hearts of Bhils and Garasia tribes dwelling in the close propinquity of Gunabhakari village. The attention grabbling point of this irresistible Chitra Vichitra fair is the spectacle of bravura temple failing to notice the rivers Akul, Sabarmati, and Vyakul. You will be thrilled to see the multihued costumes of participants which are so vibrant and reflect the time-honored aesthetic glamour of Gujarat.

So, if you have some time in March, plan a tour to Gujarat to be pleased from this Gujarat’s fully loaded Chitra Vichitra Fair and thus feel exulted.

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