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Climate in Gujarat

The splendid state of Gujarat is positioned dauntlessly in the proximity to the Chenab River at the remoteness of about 120 km to the north of Lahore. It is essential a costal state that lies on the west coast of India. Gujarat is a sanctified land with the longest coastline of 1290 km in India, whose terrains are very reposed and immaculate. It is the spot in India where the cobalt seas convene luminous sands. The glorious city Gujarat is faultlessly situated flanked by 20° 6' N to 24° 42' N height and 68 10' E to 74 °28' E longitude. It is a very protective state which is delimited by Pakistan and Rajasthan in its north east, Madhya Pradesh lies towards its east, and Maharashtra and the Union Territories such as Dadra, Daman, Diu and Nagar Haveli fantastically lies in the south.

Being enclosed by the Arabian Sea in the west and the south west, the climate in Gujarat is damp in the southern areas while the entire northern region remains desiccated. Moreover, climatic conditions are either extremely hot or cold because of the Tropic of Cancer that traverses the northern border of the state. But the Arabian Sea edges the Gulf of Cambay and Gujarat and in the west and the forested hills in the east lessens the sultry heat and transforms the place into more salubrious and tranquil for the populace of Gujarat.

People over here take immense delight in the winter season that takes place between November and February and the summer season begins in March and ends in May. However, they also feel blessed to enjoy the southwest monsoon season that takes in June and lasts in September, and the overruling October. Winters in Gujarat are very meek and enjoyable as the average temperature in the day time ranges approximately 83 °F(29 °C) and temperature in the night fall up to 53 °F(12 °C). On the other end, Climate in Gujarat during summers rises up to somewhere 105 °F(41 °C) and makes it bone dry and the nights bears the temperature up to 85 °F(29 °C). Coming out of degree of temperature in Gujarat, next is the rainfall period as the state undergoes an average rainfall roughly 33 to152cms and its southern parts are perched between 76 and 152 cms. North Gujarat bears the average rainfall between 51 to 102 Cms.

Climate in Gujarat varies from months to months and from area to area and consequently makes the state a very suspenseful state among the swashbucklers. According to the aforementioned information, do plan a jaunt to this vibrant state of Gujarat and relish its exquisiteness.

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