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Culture of Gujarat

The electrifying state of Gujarat plays a vital role in potting the ethnic culture and tradition of India. The laudable thing about the state and its people is the fact that its rapid rebuilding has not affected their exaltation towards the Culture of Gujarat and still preserving its quaint magnetism.

Gujaratis are eminent globally for giving warm welcome to their guest as they follow the guidelines of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and their pristine charm represent an imperative part of the striking Culture of Gujarat. The state is pompous of flaunting its affluent Art, Architecture and Culture, which can be easily mirrored in their gaudy attires and way of communication. To experience the stately Culture of Gujarat, one does not have strife hard as it is present in the diverse sections of the state. Say for instances the Kachha community which is a baked region, consecrated with the matchless essence of prudence for business. Secondly, the residents of Saurashtra are very nimble. Inhabitants of the northern Gujarat believe in the policy of simple living and high thinking, leading a life with pragmatic approach. Howevr, the southern populace is well mannered, tender and sober. You might get scandalized to know that one-fifth of Gujarat’s population belongs to Scheduled Castes, and Ahmedabad is at the top in this ratio. Whereas, about 70% of the population is of Hindus and the rest is consisted of Muslims and Jains.

Culture of Gujarat is really opulent and has its traces in the ancient phase of Lord Krishna. The Gujaratis reveal innate predilection for singing and dancing. They are rich with all kinds of songs and dances for every juncture which they celebrate through out the year. Such as Ras and Garba along with some other spectacular fold dances to spell bind you such as Siddi dance, Tippani Nritya, Padhar Nritya and Dangi Nritya, all are exotic and very amusing dances of Gujarat. Bhavai which is also mentioned in the block buster movie ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. Moreover, we cannot commit a stupidity by not talking about Gujarati handicrafts whose intricate embroidery and attractiveness will bowl you over and forms a significant part of ‘Culture of Gujarat’.

So, plan out an excursion to Gujarat to savor its stunning culture whose exoticness will leave you dumfounded.

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