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History of Gujarat

The pulsating Gujurat state has a very attention grabbling history and enhances your love and veneration for the state. It is undeniably a very demanding state fantastically positioned on the west coast of India. Very rare of us know that it has obtained its name from the renowned clique called ‘Gujjars’, which occupied the arena in the 1st century A.D. Before we throw some light on the History of Gujarat, we would like to tell you that it is extremely edifying and will rectify many of your facts you have ever heard about the same. The History of Gujarat transports you to the 3500 years back from now and included the districts of Harappan sites and the Indus Valley civilization.

The carcasses of Archaeological findings of 3500 years old eon are can be still seen in the various spots like Amri, Rozdi, Lothal, Rangpur and Lakhabaval. The History of Gujarat also punctuates that it is the only place where first and the foremost the Dravidian tribes were seen. And much before the Aryans, the state had business ties with the Persian Gulf around about 1000-750 B.C., Sumer, Rock diktats found from the Girnar hills point to that in the 3rd century. During the reigning period of Royal leader Asoka, the state came under Mauryan Empire and on the other end, during the supremacy of Mauryans, it came under the power of Buddhism.

Further, the History of Gujarat also highlights that the Bactarian Greeks directed by Meander ruled over its terra firma where they are alleged to have the best time of their business associations with Rome. Even the Scythians occupied it as of 130-390 A.D and Guptas enjoyed their ruling epoch in 300 A. D. and prolonged till 460 A.D. Later after the demise of majestic Harshvardhana, Gujarat was thoroughly captured by the Gujjars clan till 746A.D.

According to the History of Gujarat, the state enjoyed its bravura time during the sovereignty of Solankis who were in power till 1143. The state also attained its utmost global recognition from the 9th century. But with the shameful collapse of Solankis by audacious Muhammud of Ghazni during 1298-1392 that resulted in the sway of the Sultans of Delhi over Gujarat. Mughals nonstop ruled over Gujarat for about 2 centuries till the time they were defeated by the great Marathas amid 18th century. Further, these Marathas divided the state amongst numerous chiefs.

Nonetheless, the History of Gujarat also points on one thing that British set up their colonies over here from 1803-1827. Say The British East India Company, a fist nerve center was established at Surat in Gujarat before being budged to Bombay. As a final point, the state of Gujarat was built by tiding up the north and west parts of Bombay state in 01st May 1960, and the leftover being famed as Maharashtra state.

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