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Influences on Gujarati Cuisine

The influences on Gujarati cuisine is mainly because of the Jainism in the 6th century BC and chiefly because of Vaishnavism. During that time, the preaching’s of Mahavira had a great influence on the localities and on the crowned heads. The royal King Kumarapala who engaged himself in eating non vegetarian food in his formative years, later relinquished it because of the powerful Jainism teachings in the 12th century AD. The Jains downcast the consumption of meat and also forbidden animal butchery. Not only this, the Jain Gujarati cuisine also dispirited including zings such as onion and garlic, considered to be detrimental for the human body. Supplementary influences on Cuisine of Gujarat comprise of the Vaishnav whose lives were thoroughly dedicated to Lord Vishnu and practiced vegetarianism. According to present data available with us about two-thirds of the population in Gujarat is vegetarian which is highly creditable.

The illustrious yet delicious chaats that hit the charts as snack items seem breathtaking for the people of west Gujarat who fail to hold themselves back from piquant sweet and vinegary savor. The papdi chaat that leads the entire chaat family is prepared from yoghurt, gram, chickpeas, fried flour flakes, potatoes, Bhujia, sauces, spices, tamarind water, and pickles.

We understand that such elucidated information must have increased your craving to take delight in these luring and mouthwatering Gujarati Cuisines. So, what all are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book a ticket on most affordable rates to jump onto these aforesaid luscious Gujarati delicacies.

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