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Home » Gujarat » Kathi Embroidery Gujarat

Kathi Embroidery Gujarat

About Kathi Embroidery
Kathi Embroidery is a superlative form of handicraft whose roots are itinerant Rabari clan of Gujarat. It is a very oldest form of incandescent Gujarati embroidery and principally contains colorful threads and utilize of mirrors sewn up mutually to produce the sense of patch work. Further the canvas used in Kathi Embroidery is mainly satin, herringbone or black silk which are painstaking as the mainly used form of stitching in this sort of needlework.

Kathi Embroidery looks radiant because it is beautified with striking designs representing images of flora and fauna delightfully demarcated on the fabrics. While exploring the richness possessed by Kathi Embroidery in its products, your eyes will be jammed at the breathtaking patterns of elephants, cobras and tigers, mode on the materials as cipher of sophistication and loveliness. Furthermore, being an onlooker, you will also stumble upon geometric silhouettes holding special position in this these embroidery patterns.

The explication of this form of handicrafts also encompasses Heer and Gureri which are the celebrated forms of blueprints in Kathi Embroidery and the sumptuousness of its items for consumption is ornamented with various kinds of powerfully flamboyant tinted threads of purple, yellow and scarlet, used to stitch up the shape of Kathi Embroidery and ample of appliqué work is also highlighted in this style of embroidery.

Nevertheless, being a bargain hunter also note that there are two kinds of Kathi Embroidery which are Aditya Fatiya and Patch Work beautifully underscored in highly wrought wall hangings and door frames.

So, if the money is not a constraint for you then do not give a second thought, just jump into the shops selling the magnificent creations of Kathi Embroidery in Gujarat to bestow a memorable experience to you about the same.

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