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Home » Gujarat » Nagina Masjid Champaner Gujarat

Nagina Masjid Champaner Gujarat

Introduction to Nagina Masjid, Champaner
Champaner has been a former capital of Chauhan Rajputs and acts as an abode to the celebrated stronghold of Muhammad Shah, which is one of the glorious tombstones of Champaner. Moreover, Jami Masjid which is an indispensable mosque in Gujarat is also situated here and is really an imposing memorial. Nagina Masjid Champaner is the center of discussion among the fortune hunters for its entrancing architecture whose craftsmanship is unbeatable and is withour doubt a leading crowd puller.

History of Nagina Masjid, Champaner
Nagina Masjid Champaner is indubitably a spotless composition remarkably constructed in the bona fide Mughal style dates back to the epoch when the Champaner region was under the supremacy of audacious Mughals.

Description of Nagina Masjid, Champaner
Nagina Masjid Champaner is a lofty edifice established on a towering platform with hefty open arena in its portico and the entryway is delimited by the minarets which are kept on all the sides of the entrance. These minarets are engraved out very expertly with bravura flowery motifs. Being held by the pretty series and windows, Nagina Masjid has three outsized grounds formed over the key vestibule where the pious prayers are offered.

The description of the Nagina Masjid also includes that it has a balcony in the chief prayer hall which augments its over all appeal. Not only this, a handful brick work done in the compound of the mosque is also laudable. Whereas, the north eastern side of this Masjid has commemorative plaques in all the focal directions and a mind bowing geometrical and flower-patterned blueprints that are fixed out on the fascia and the columns of the mosque. You will be speechless to see the architectural finery and the long-winded work on the cenotaphs are purely consummate.

So, make sure that you explore the comeliness of Nagina Masjid in Champaner while on a sightseeing trip to Gujarat.

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