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Patola Embroidery Gujarat

It is for sure that no one can go empty handed if once come to the striking state of Gujarat which brightens your luck by presenting one endowment after the other. The kinds of handicrafts available in Gujarat are not only splendid but their attractiveness is also hypnotizing. We can valiantly justify our statement by quoting the illustration of Patola Embroidery which is a complete handiwork that is a major crowd puller and is worthy of holding an extraordinary position in your closet for its modishness and long-winded nimble work.

If put some light on the making of the Patola Embroidery, we get to know that it is woven on the Patola silk which appears as a wealthy base to the needlework. It is indubitably a fashionable textile of hand woven silk and commences in Patan. Contrasting to block prints modus operandi, tie and dye procedure is used to generate remarkable geometric patterns on the Patola silk which is protracted and complicated but the closing stages of making Patola Embroidery is the plus point of this art which is noteworthy for its finery and panache.

Earlier, the Patola Embroidery accustomed to be done with juices or fluids and extracts of flowers, stems vegetations, like and leaves. On the other hand, a chemical pigment has taken their place and the blueprints for the most part are in the form of ikkat, the slantways discrete diamonds with walnut, Dancing Girl, elephant, Narikunja and Parrot. Wide-ranging use of vivacious colors put in additional measurement to the fabrics.

In the nutshell, we can only say that whenever you have time try to discover the prosperity possessed by the markets of Gujarat which lies in its appealing Patola Saree used as a trousseau and is painstaking to be an article of delicate conservation.

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