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Home » Gujarat » Rishabhadev Temple Girnar Gujarat

Rishabhadev Temple Girnar Gujarat

Introduction to Rishabhadev Temple,Girnar
Girnar is a fabulous to be at in the Junagadh quarter of Gujarat. It is a sanctified district consecrated hill packed out with both the Hindus and Jains. Miraculously, the Girnar was recognized by different names such as Chandraketupur, Raivat Nagar, Ujjayant, Manipur, Girivar, Puratanpur, and Girnar.

Not only this, Girnar is also a dwelling place of seven peaks but the most well thought-out five imperative ones are Gorakhnath, Augadh, Guru Datatreya, Amba Mata, and Kalika. The Rishabhadev temple in Girnar is preferred because of highlighting golden color with 24 Jain Tirthankars.

Description in Rishabhadev Temple,Girnar
The description of this prized Rishabhdev Temple is very edifying. It tells that the aficionados have to cover around 4000 flight of stairs to arrive atop of the Girnar hill. This holy place houses five indispensable Jain temples, as well quite a lot of Hindu shrines. Jain Tirthankaran were also human beings like us who went up and little by little sanitized their souls in preceding lives after obtaining Samyag Darshan and attained an out of the world karma called Tirthankar Näm Karma by executing numerous of the 20 rigorous sacraments.

Tirthankar Näm Karma grown-up in the last life and makes the person to turn out to be a Tirthankar after taking Diksha and working the characteristic of huge abstemiousness to obliterate the entire disparaging karmas. For your information also note that these treasured Jain Tirthankars are also soubriquet as Arihantas, signifies “slayer of inner foes,” Jin states “winner of inner rivals,” and Vitarägi means “a person who is not feel fond or having any feeling of odium towards any creature. This denotes that they are completely standoffish from this money-oriented the human race and sentiments. Their entire life is dyed-in the wool to the service of God.

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