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Tarnetar Fair Gujarat

Introduction to Tarnetar Fair
Tarnetar Fair, Gujarat does not form any boundary for any person. Any persion of any background, of any religion or country can come and fearlessly be the part of this carnival which has some legendry associations attached to it. Moreover, the Tarnetar Fair also includes some references from the great Hindu epic Mahabharata and is no less than a heaven to witness the India’s all time splendid cultural heritage and vibrancy that lie in each fête.

Description of Tarnetar Fair
The elucidation of Tarnetar Fair in Gujarat encompasses that due to its mythological significance, this fair is started from the times of Mahabharata. The very appealing three day celebration of Swayamvar is arranged each year where young lass and lad attire themselves in gaudy yet traditional outfits to decide on their bride or groom correspondingly. Tarnetar fair actually evokes the primordial method of choosing life partners of Hindu society. Ras Garba and Hudo are the eye catching merriments of this fair whose name was kept after the Tarnetar village that stands as a very old oldest Shiva temple.

Apart from all these aforementioned highlights of this Tarnetar Festival, the other idiosyncratic attribute of the fair is 'Tarnetar Chhatri' which put on display the multicolored art and embroidery of Gujarat in which umbrellas are made from sheer convoluted lace work, mirror work and embroidery. Such awe-inspiring vistas of the Tarnetar Fair will not only beguile you but also leave you dumfounded.

Time For Celebration of Tarnetar Fair
The outstanding time to celebrate the Tarnetae fair is the month of August-September in the fourth, fifth and sixth days of Shukla Paksha according to Hindu calendar of the month.

So, if not busy in August and September then plan trip to Gujarat to take benefits for this glorious Tarnetar fair and thus update your knowledge about the India’s long established culture and tradition.

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