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Tie and Dye Gujarat

Tie and Dye is brilliantly presented in gorgeous materials that are prepared using the tie and dye procedures. It is extensively identified as Bandhej in the diverse areas of Gujarat such as Bhuj, Anjar, and Jamnagar where artisans put their efforts conventionally on Bandhej.

The modus operandi of Tie and Dye is consisted of numerous steps. Firstly, you are supposed to immerse the fabric in a tint of your preference then the fabric needs to be folded to an area of its unique size. The motifs and the designing of tie and dye are prepared with the amalgamation of tiny dots and circles whereas the borders are normally extensive and have striking colors in different shades.

Furthermore, the course of tying of the edges and the following discharge of the color is prominent as sevo bandhavo. The coloring process of Tie and Dye is consisted of working the lightest hue in the initial and the darker color is launched at a later period. An on tap color proposal can also be utilized for the making of Tie and Dye.

Last but not the least, the best way to evaluate the excellence of a cloth material used for tie and dye patterns on it are only possible by the size of the dots. Very importantly, the colors which are the important part of tie and dye mode are red, black, golden, maroon, and yellow.

So, if you want to buy any cloth made of tie and dye then do come to Gujarat and explore its shopping arcade which is loaded with its products and look so charismatic that their allure will leave you speechless.

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