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Tourist Attractions in Gondal

Tourist Attractions is Gondal are one of their own kinds. They are picturesque and are exceedingly amazing. They are well thought-out to be the vestiges of the city’s loaded times of yore which make the passer aware with the unprecedented affluence since what went before. Tourist Attractions in Gondal chiefly emphasize on baronial strongholds and palaces which are very old such as the Navlakha Palace whose comeliness is a major crowd puller. It is indeed an architectural marvel constructed in 17th century. While gawking at this sensation, you will be overwhelmed with its appealing stone carvings and exquisite balconies. Moreover, it also houses phenomenal assortment of tempting antiques, gifts, and remnants of the stately times.

Nevertheless, the tourist attractions in Gondal also make a point to lure the buccaneers towards the glittery Riverside Palace which is fearlessly situated on the periphery of river Gondali, the credit of whose construction should be given to Maharajah Bhagwat Singhji in 1875 AD. The décor of the palace is beaming with magnificent furniture characteristically done on the outline of Indian style. However, the Orchard Palace, an arm of the famed Huzoor Palace is also noteworthy and creates a magic in the entire ambiance.

In the end, we would also like to call attention to one point that tourist Attractions at Gondal are like an ecstasy for the car lovers as the place highlights the Royal Garage that is pompous of gargantuan collection of vintage and classic cars which date back to the time of World War II on top of the post-war eon.

So, map out a family trip to Gondal in Gujarat to take immense pleasures from its resplendent tourist attractions which also do not skip on giving hints of the Bhuvaneshwari Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Stud Farm along with Sangram Sinhji High School and Swaminarayan temple.

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