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Vautha No Melo Gujarat

Introduction To Vautha No Melo
Being the large scaled fair, Vautha No Melo in Gujarat brings people from far or near close to each other and is incredibly celebrated in the vicinity of the convergence of seven rivers. Vautha No Melo is notable for the fact that this fair gives a major contribution in uplifting the rural cutback of Gujarat. Besides, this fiesta is named subsequent to Vautha where the rivers Sabarmati and Vatrak convene.

Description of Vautha No Melo
The description on Vautha No Melo has some legends associated to it. The grounds on which this fair takes place is spread athwart three square miles and is whispered amongst the denizens that this place is also explored by Lord Kartikeya, the son of venerated Lord Shiva. Moreover, this location is also identified for as 'Saptasangam'; - a position of amalgamation of seven rivers. This spot is also the center of discussion of being the fatherland of Saptarshi (Seven Sages) and is well thought-out to be the propitious situate with huge relevance.

Time For Celebration of Vautha No Melo
The excellent time to celebrate this Vautha No Mela is in the Kartik month in November as per the Hindu calendar and prolongs for approximately three days.

So, we hope that coming to Gujarat in November will not be a big deal for you as it is a very cool month. So, come here and update yourself from close quarters about the well heeled tradition and culture of the state by being the part of its extremely jubilant Vautha No Melo fair which welcomes the guests with open arms.

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