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Parties are a part of life in Goa. When we talk about Goa, its hard to forget the parties of Goa. The Goa Parties are the most enthralling and compelling of activities, one can enjoy while one is in Goa. The rave parties or the trance parties of Goa are world famous, which are enjoyed by people from all the parts of the world. Tourist come to Goa to be part of these parties which are more than any get together.

Rave (Trance) Parties in Goa
Rave parties in Goa are a major tourist attraction. Rave Parties in Goa are the most popular entertainment forms, which tourists from all around the world love to enjoy. Goa rave parties are famous parties through out the world. The origin of rave parties in Goa can be traced back to the 1960's, which began with an inflow of hippies. Earlier, thousands of foreigners and hippies crowded Goa's beaches in drugged and drunken state, who thronged the beaches and partied the night away.

But, today the nature of these rave parties has changed and has generated a new king of music called Goa Trance, which is played through the nights. "Trance Parties" that spawned the music called Goa-Trance since the mid-nineties, if not earlier, have become a big fashion among young foreign tourists in regions of the North Goa coastal belt. Now elite kids from Mumbai and Delhi or elsewhere are joining the bee-line to these beach events. Goa is an outgrowth of techno that is characterised by multi-layered fused lines and sub-bass rhythms. Rave parties are held every night around the time of New Year and Christmas, and have been under control ever since Goa Tourism decided to promote up market tourism over backpackers in Goa. Rave parties are full of dance, music and fun, and can be engaging pass times for tourists. So if you want some fun and entertainment of your own, get on a bike and ride off into the night in Goa. But, don't forget to stay away from drugs.

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