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Buddhist Pilgrimage

Lord BuddhaReligious people have made pilgrimages, which scattered all over the world during the ages. Lord Buddha himself urges his followers to make a trip of the four places of pilgrimages namely Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar. Rajgir, Shravasti, Sankashya and Nalanda are also popular pilgrimage sights of Buddha. After the death of Lord Buddha, in his cremation, lordís body was divided into eight portions and that gives rise to the tradition of eight places of pilgrimage. However it is noteworthy that all the places remain uninterrupted by the clash and expansion of society during the period.

Bihar Buddhist Pilgrimage
Bodh Gaya: A spot of Bihar where lord Buddha left his holy foot steps about 2500 years ago. Through out the quest of his life, lord Buddha came to Bodhgaya for meditation that eventually precede him towards enlightenment. Bodhgaya is lush green vegetation situated in river Phalgu, a paddy field and remarked by silent trilling environment. The place is reverberated with this silent ambiance of divine steps makes an ideal place for meditation.

Uttar Pradesh Buddhist Pilgrimage
Sarnath : Sarnath, the most outstanding Buddhist pilgrimage offers a calm breezy atmosphere, is highly popular among the devotees for tranquility and peace. Sarnath is located just 10 km away from the Hindu pilgrimage Varanasi. Every month a group of traveler makes their divine tour to Uttar Pradesh to explore the lordís spot genuinely rich with celestial treasures. The places significance lies, as lord Buddha touched Sarnathís soil to visit his companions who has forsaken him in Rajgir.

Buddha Statue at Bodh Gaya Kushinagar : Kushinagar is a world famous Buddhist destination affluent with serenity, history and fabulous structure of Buddhist root. Kushinagar is that place where lord Buddha started to preach Buddhism, a religion of brotherhood and peace, thus gives an invaluable contribution to humanity. Kushinagar was also known as Kushinara and Kasia in ancient times. Viharas, Chaityas and Tibetan monasteries and Kushinagar bear the common thread of all sect of Buddhism.

Himachal Pradesh Buddhist Pilgrimage
To explain about the Buddhist pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh is mainly to elaborate the divine places as Spiti, Lahaul, and Dharmashala. These spots of Himachal Pradesh are accountable in making the place a highly divine and tourist attracting one. These places contain several gilded bronzes of lord Buddha. Lahaul is the oldest Gompha and a spectacular sight, an extremely visited place of Himachal Pradesh. Dharmashala is renowned for large Tibetan refugee settlement.

Jammu & Kashmir Buddhist Pilgrimage
Leh Ladakh : Brahmins, the original inhabits of Jammu & Kashmir, were quite obedient towards the growth and development of Buddhism. Muslims were also quite keen in flourishing the Buddhism in Jammu & Kashmir. The place is very much wealthy with Buddhist people. Ladakh is the point of attraction of Buddhism in Jammu and Kashmir. Leh has witnessed a large gathering of Buddhist monasteries all through the year. Leh monasteries represent all the four schools of lord Buddha such as Nyingmapa, Drukpa, Saskyapa and Gelugspa.

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