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Chapel of St. Francis and Connected buildings


A huge array of churches in Goa was built during the Portuguese rule, which stood prominently with plenty of historical importance. These are the genuine examples of European style architecture. Devotion to St. Francis Xavier is deep across the length of Goa where the saint accomplished his mission about 450 years ago. Behind the gate of St. Paul's college, there is a solitary road that leads to the way to the chapel of St. Francis Xavier. The chapel is bounded with several buildings that connect the vast areChapel of St. Francis and Connected buildings, Goana. The chapel is actually overstated with Dorian style of architecture and initially dedicated to either St. Anthony or to St. Jerome. Chapel and Tombs/buildings of St. Francis Xavier is a simple structure with only one altar, made of laterite plastered with jade mortar, and the tiled roof sustained by wooden rafters.

The casket or the Tomb of St. Francis is one of the best example of adaptation and accessing of Italian art and sculptors in India. It can be said as the blend of Italian and Indian art. Thirty-two silver plates on all the four sides of the casket are depicting diverse incidents from the days of the Saint. With the eruption of the contagion and the resulting dump of the college of St. Paul in 1570, the chapel scrambled into ruins and the present chapel was a structure of 1884. As St. Francis Xavier utilized the chapel and thus it was re-dedicated to him after his canonization in 1622. The Chapel is a plain edifice with not much of figures and intricacies. These chapels, churches and tombs bear a prominent role in making Goa a worth place to tour.


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