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Church of Saint Augustine

Church of Saint Augustine, GoaOut of more than twenty glorious churches once survived in the old city of Velha Goa, only ten remain today. Church of Saint Augustine was also in a ruined condition, the finest construction of 1602. The Church of Saint Augustine granted as the largest church when it was in a safe condition. The church had festooned with four altars, eight chapels and a convent. 

The frontage and half of the tower destroyed in 1931 and in 1938, the convent was used for charity work by the institution of the Misericordia, after being uninhabited by the founders. 8 September 1842 has witnessed the grand collapse of the vault due to elongated negligence. And lastly Govt of Goa sold the leftovers of the church in 1843, and has maintained some parts till today.

The manufacturing of the building started more than 400 years ago and was completed amid the years 1597 to 1602. The manufacturer of the church was an Italian and thus able to come with all the latest architectural and sculptural splendors. He was influenced by the great Spanish architect Juan de Herrera (1530-1597). The visitors first made a glimpse of the grand retable of the elevated altar, after entering the church. Its colossal bell was transferred to the Church of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Panaji in 1871. Though the body of the church smashed, but the facade remained unbroken.

The time schedule for the visitors of the basilica Bom Jesus is from 6 am to 6:30 pm. Everyday. The adornment in true Bquearo method complete with curves and embellishments, its design was inspired from St. Paul church. The portico of Basilica of Bom Jesus is a visual glee pompous a mixture of Ionic, Doric and Corinthian styles in the columns. Admired for the mortal remains of Goa's patron St. Francis Xavier, church of Bom Jesus is a world-class spot of Christian devotees.


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