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Rajgir Tours

Rajgir Welcome to the mystical land of Rajgir also known earlier as 'Rajagriha' or Girivaraja. This mesmerizing place is nestles on the rocky hills that witnessed the teachings of both Buddha and Mahavira. The fascinating land lies 10km south of Nalanda and sacred to the memory of the founder of both Buddhism and Jainism. History has it this is the place where Lord Buddha spent many months of retreat during the rainy season. He used to meditate and preach on Griddhkuta, the 'Hill of the Vultures'. It is also believed that Lord Mahavir spent fourteen years of his life at Rajgir and Nalanda. So book your Rajgir Tour with us and know about the charismatic history.

With your Rajgir Tours you can witness many old ruins and temples in the town, and plenty of sites that can see visited during the stay. The old town was surrounded by a wall and much of it is in ruins at the moment. Moreover you can also visit the numerous caves that are located around the place and these are good places for trekking. Make each day of your vacation count. Book your Rajgir Tour right away.

Major Attractions on Rajgir Tours:

Griddhakuta (Vulture's Peak):
This place is a must visit while on your Rajgir Tours. It is a Peace Pagoda lying at the top of Ratnagiri hills. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Buddha had delivered many important sermons. The Pagoda has been built by the Buddha Sangh of Japan. Another attraction of the place is the presence of a roap-way which takes around 8 minutes to take tourists to the hill top. From the top of the hill, a splendid view of Rajgir town is also available.

Swarna Bhandar:
This is very fascinating place to view while on your Rajgir Tours. The twin rock-cut caves in Rajgir attract tourists in large numbers. It is believed that one of the caves was the doorway to the treasury of King Bimbisara while another was the guard room. According to folklore, the treasury is still intact but nothing has been found by archeologists till now.

Rajgir Jain Temples:
As you take a Rajgir Tour you will come across a wide number of Jain Temples. There are over 25 Jain temples that were built in different periods of time in history by the devotees of Lord Mahavir. The temples are situated on top of mountains and look very beautiful from below. This place is a treat to the eyes.

Hot Springs:
Marvel at these creations of nature. You should not forget to visit these places during your Rajgir Tours. There are many hot water springs in Rajgir visited by large number of tourists. It is believed that bathing in the springs can cure diseases. The hot water springs are located at the foot of the Vaibhava hills. Brahmaputra is the hottest spring where water temperature is 45 degrees. Separate bathing places have been built for the convenience of men and women.

Chariot Route Marks:
Do not forget to visit this mystical place while on your Rajgir Tour. You will be fascinated to view the mysterious rock cut in the form of two parallel furrows deep into rock for about thirty feet. According to local beliefs, the cut is the path of Lord Krishna’s chariot. When Lord Krishna visited Rajgir owing to the power and force and speed of his chariot the root became like this.

How to Reach:

By Air: The nearest landing facility is Loknayak Jai Prakash International Airport of Patna at a distance of 100 Kms.

By Rail: Bhakhtiyarpur at a distance of 54 Kms from Rajgir is the nearest railway station.

By Road: There is a good road network to Rajgir from other important destinations of Bihar like Patna and Bodhgaya.



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