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Warangal Tours
- Warangal Fort
- Bhadra Kali Temple
- Thousand Pillar Temple
- Kolanupaka
- Jain Temple
- Pakhal Lake
- Ramappa Temple
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Warangal Tours

Warangal FortTake a tour to the fifth largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh Warangal. Warangal is the erstwhile capital of the great Kakatiya Kingdom, which was ruled during 12th- 14th century. Today this city is an ushering industrial and cultural centre in the country. History has it that the city was built by Prola Raja of great Kakatiya Kingdom in the 12th century and given the incredible status of the Capital city. The Kakatiyas who ruled more than 200 years left many grandeur monuments, architectural marvels like Warangal fort, a Shiva temple known as Swayambhu temple and many such ancient structures. Book your Warangal Tour for your next vacation and travel on the road less trodden.

As you take your Warangal Tour, you will come across many interesting attractions which are related to the history of the city. Visit the exquisite monuments, grand temples, superb gardens, beautiful lakes and sanctuaries with rich fauna & flora and take back with you wonderful memories of your vacation. Let it be the most interesting and unique voyage which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Major Attractions of Warangal Tours:

Jain Temple Warangal Fort: This is one place you should not miss out while on your Warangal Tour. Although most of the fort is in ruins today, but still this fort is among the best attractions in Andhra Pradesh. The fort is situated just 2 Km from the Warangal Railway Station. It is easily accessible from any part of the city. History of the fort dates back all the way to 13th century. You will be amazed to know that the fort stood witnesses to many wars and revolts almost throughout its life. Warangal Fort was destroyed by one of the invaders who successfully penetrated the three layer protection of the fort. The outermost wall which has a circumference of few kilometers is a mud wall which is around 20 feet in height. The second wall is completely built of granite. Warangal Fort is also famous for some exquisite gateways that have become a symbol of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. These huge gateways, carved intricately from top to bottom are called Kirti Toranas (The Gateways of Glory).

Thousand Pillar Temple: This fascinating temple was constructed in 1163 AD by King Rudra Deva. Ths temple is dedicated to the Hindu deities Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. This magnificent temple boasts of Chalukyan style of temple architecture. Visit this place and marvel at the grandeur of architecture.

Jain Temple: This fascinating temple dates back to over 2000 years. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mahaveera. The most interesting attraction of the temple is a 5 ft high image of Lord Mahaveera which is completely carved out of Jade. There are numerous images of exceptional tirthankaras all around the temple.

Ramappa Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ramappa Temple is one of the prime examples of exquisite architectural brilliance that Kakatiya Kingdom had. v\visit this place while on your Warangal Tour and marvel at the architectural grandeur. The original name of the temple is Ramalingeswara which is popularly known as Ramappa Temple. This is only temple in India that is known by the name of its constructor. The temple is around 70 Km away from Warangal. It stands on a 6 ft high platform and is built of bricks that are so light that they are believed to float in water. The walls of the temple are covered with spellbinding carvings. Maha Shivratri is the main festival of the temple which is celebrated for three days.

Bhadrakali Temple: This temple is located on a on a hillock between Warangal and Hanamakonda. It features 2.7 meter tall stone image of the deity. As you visit this temple you will realize that it also replicates the Chalukyan style of temple architecture.

Pakhal Lake: This beautiful Lake is surrounded by hills and forests. Visit this place while on your Warangal Tour and relax. This place is one of the favourite picnic spots by the locals as well as tourists. It was formed by the Kakatiya rulers in 1213 AD.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary: If you love animals, you will definitely love this place on your Warangal tour. This excellent sanctuary is an ideal home to tigers, leopards, bears, hyenas, deer and a wide variety of birds. This wildlife sanctuary extends over 90 acres around the lake. Visit this place and shoot some amazing pictures of the wilderness of nature.

Eturnagaram Sanctuary: This is another fascinating place for the animal lovers. This sanctuary homes tiger, leopard, sloth bear, nilgai, chousingha (four horned antelope), chinkara (mountain gazelle), black buck and various bird species. This wonderful shelter also houses teak and other beautiful tall trees.

How to Reach:

By Air: The nearest airport to Warangal is at Hyderabad which is at a distance of around 130 Km from here.
By Rail: Warangal has its own railway stations that connect it to almost all parts of India.

By Road: Warangal has good network of roads that connect it to all the important cities of Andhra Pradesh.


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